Energy, Water & Environment:
We care about the environment we live in

Focuses on the current and future needs in a developing yet diverse Afghan energy market. To fulfill our core mission, we seek to import various sustainable and renewable energy needs and technologies into Afghanistan. Our attention centers on energy infrastructure and supply optimization. We believe cost-effective energy sources – including their design and development - create potential for a convergence in economy, security and sustainability of livelihood.

We offer:

  1. Petroleum, gas, jet and diesel fuel, motor oil, lubricants
  2. Water supply and treatment - from dams for hydro-energy to water tanks and systems for water retention
  3. Private/business energy consumption products - generators, heaters, air-conditioning units
  4. Renewable energy technologies - low-carbon, solar, water, wind, bio.
  5. Environmental systems, waste treatment, solid waste treatment, mobile water treatment
  6. Engineering services exploration and mining studies.
  7. Rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of energy storage facilities and their expansion
  8. Construction of control centers for export and transport of raw materials
  9. In-depth knowledge of logistics and transport pertaining to fuel movement in the regional and sub-regional markets a and onwards into Afghanistan
  10. Capacity to mobilize assets and coordinate the procurement of raw material such as steel sheets, welding equipment, vehicles, excavators, generators, water supply and other equipment.
  11. Expertise to mobilize the necessary workforce such as technical professionals, engineers and competent work force... ARG manages a rich database of engineers.

Situation analysis

Compared to other developing countries in Asia, Afghanistan still relies on traditional methods of energy supply. Almost all cooking and heating is done with wood and gas; oil-lamps still light most households; generators provide energy for the more prosperous citizens and businesses particularly in areas where electricity is either unavailable or incessantly interrupted.

However, the presence of international forces with large-scale military bases and major injection of international reconstruction investment by the aid agencies since 2001 have completely overhauled the energy demand in the Afghan market.

While demand for energy has steadily grown, there is a visible shortage in the supply chain or the domestic energy generation capacity.

Factors such as insecurity, geography and existing but inadequate domestic production constitute challenges in sourcing and supplying energy. Large-scale energy-intensive grids and centers are not serviced according to their required capacity and specs although most of the electricity is supplied regionally via transmission lines and distribution hubs, hence, driving the cost high and hampering economic development for the most part.

We focus on the continued and increasing need as well as as developments in this sector by ensuring consistent energy generating resources and facilities, addressing supply routes and logistics and providing smart solutions which present an immediate solution to burgeoning requisites for power.

Potentials We See and Objectives We Pursue:

To achieve success, we rely on our in-house experts and work with experts and specialized companies, - all with proven record in the domain. Our in-depth knowledge of the domestic market continues to put us ahead of our competitors. We secure distribution systems, assess the geo-strategic overview of the project, and devise security and community strategies for the implementation of your endeavors. We welcome further beneficial and effective partnerships.