Logistics & Transport Group:
The solid link in a fragile supply chain

The combination of our logistics partner's, SupplyCore, state-of-the-art, Iraq-tested logistics methodology and our warehouse capacity, security capability, transportation strength and cultural skills has created an unmatched in-country logistical force. Working with SupplyCore, ARG forward-deploys a vast inventory of materiel and spare parts for our public- and private-sector clients.

To ensure a supply chain that is cost-effective, secure and gap-free, ARG monitors third-party shippers as they move materiel from the wharf to within Afghanistan's borders; handles customs clearance; provides secure climate-controlled storage; and delivers by road or by air to all parts of the country as requested by our clients.

Additionally, ARG provides recycling and sanitation services to meet your operational needs and requirements and to ensure a safe environment.

ARG's corporate background in automobiles means we possess the technical capability to back our fleet-service operation that supplies our various clients 1,000-plus vehicles on lease. We offer transport solutions to meet your every need. Our clients rely on us for everything from armored passenger vehicles to fleets of heavy trucks on lease.


AUTOLAND, our automotive division, is an Afghan-owned and operated company serving a wide variety of clients throughout Afghanistan. Autoland is a joint company between two entities – ARG and Afghan Emirates General Trading – and is currently one of the largest providers of armored vehicles in Afghanistan. Autoland also has a large fleet of soft-shell vehicles as well as heavy equipment for rent or lease. AUTOLAND offers new and recent models of vehicles with the comfort and safety features today's driver demands, such as driver and passenger-side airbags, available anti-lock brakes, air-conditioning and CD players. 

Autoland is supported by highly-trained internationals and TCNs at the office level and in the various field locations. We ensure a sound dialogue with our customers through strategic needs-based assessment and planning to satisfy the core functions of a reliable business. 

Please visit our website at www.autoland-af.com or email us at info@autoland-af.com for more information on our range of products and services. Become our client today, and our wheels will be your pride!